001. HENM

Outcome: development of an architectural proposal, project management, measurements, and site assessment, coordination with engineering, materials research and evaluation.

The mexican naval academy renovation project was comissioned through a restricted contest  held by government´s navy’s agency.

Working with: Carolina R. Figueroa & Carlos Chávez

Conceived under the premise of respecting the original fundamental geometry while applying cutting-edge and low maintenance materials. The above supported by a structural and energetic variables analysis software aimed at optimising energy and helping ensure its completion before the mexican independence bicentennial celebrations.

The team developed the complete eleven buildings project, evaluating and specifying high tech materials according to tests conducted by experts. A facade system based on Swiss Pearl fibber cement panels was proposed allowing thermal control and renewing the aesthetics of the complex, yet not changing the historic building. A similar solution was adopted for the new systems facilities that will allow a higher comfort inside the enclosures.

The whole visual language was articulated from the ceremonies courtyard, which represents a central element on the marine life and discipline. Based on the above, geometric elements were abstracted and de constructed from the original 1950‘s buildings, always respecting the basic architectural language and reformulating it through the use of new materials and new concepts that have transformed military life.