002. NCG

Bachelor Degree Final Tesis component project

Underlying research: controlling resulting geometry of a parametric design process using variable manipulation in a voronoi/dirichlet tessellation mathematical system. Interactive architecture via non.Conventional environmental reactive materials. Degree thesis component project

Working with: Carolina R. FIgueroa

The most important component in the thesis project for the undergraduate programme in architecture is the one conducted during the final studio subject. The chosen architectural programme was the one consisted of the research institute in geriatrics. Given its importance and required depth, the architectural solution was to deepen in space’s detail solution, including the proposal redevelopment of its urban location point: the taxqueña central model transfer.

The programme included the generation of a highly specialised hospital to include research laboratories, academy, asylum and a development centre to keep contact with community.

The building skin and its surrounding plaza array was designed through a parametrical strategy taking advantage of the variety of spaces required by such a complex program. Accordingly, the design hypothesis stated that controlling the variables fed into the system would generate a more flexible membrane responding to every space specific needs.

Moreover, a cloud of weighted points was generated taking natural lighting and ventilation requirement as initial variable. The resulting fed the full/empty profile in the Voronoi/Dirichlet tessellation model. This algorithm was chosen due to its outstanding ability in spatial optimisation, as encountered in the specific mathematical models research for generating unconventional geometry. In effort to generate an environmentally responsive and user-interactive architecture, an investigation compound DUPONT-proSolve370e based modular system was implemented.

Thanks to its basic component sigmacoating’s siloxan nox, it reacts to co2 turning it into h20 & co thus improving environmental assets.