005. BIO

Under programme’s request of regenerating an old tlaxcala textile warehouse and production center, known in mexico by the name of ‘hacienda’, a design project was prepared considering a new bioclimatic hotel.

The hotel would operate underground within an existing vegetation core, around which restaurant, sports and rooms facilities would be placed.

Given the spot’s cold weather during winter, the spatial sequence was to be buried as a means to a better thermal efficiency by using vegetable cover as natural insulation. In addition, cores were sought to face directly an existing lake.

The most important concept in the project is the paradigmatic composition in retail facilities. While hotels are considered to better function through a core lobby channeling service and guest activities, the bioclimatic hotel sets to defy what is regarded as a good facilities disposition. The existing green area becomes more of a functional zone than merely ‘exterior’ encompassing spot; the spaces link together, with a continuum from room cluster through to the ‘green’ corridor comprised of existing foliage and, held in the higher stand in the plot yet not prominent in the spatial composition, the amenities and administration building. The sport facilities, including a covered pool and tennis court, are placed in the far end to avoid noise pollution in suite’s area.

The main materials of the bioclimatic hotel are lightly-rendered stucco and wood. The roof is timber-framed with a clear-cut functionalism.