4. Progressive architecture

Winner on contest for `From the Inside´ lecture
Co-authored with Carolina Figueroa

Architectural work employing computational process through biological theories has been a fertile source of debate in contemporary architectural theory. Considering that architecture has mistaken itself into a living organism in a purportedly dynamic system, their detractors has consider the biological paradigm as a complete fiasco. However, this papers explores on the intellectual works underpinning and relates it to those in the expressionist manifesto of sort Glassarchitecture by Mendlesohn. Framing the architectural work of young Lynn’s followers Tom Wiscombe, Paul Preissner and Jason Payne, the dissertations relates the expressionist desire for abstract based architectural work developing deep aesthetics desires for “structural honesty and crearly defined volumes” with post-digital architectural production. Ethico-aesthetics are proposed as a evolved one from the 1914 movement.