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Deployable structure—input subsystem

Following an initial group effort, an actuated system was defined to be embeded in a rain harvesting system. As water collection is dependent upon the quality of runoff surface, the system would incorporate a mechanism to only open in the presence of rain. When closed, the structure would insulate catchment surface, this improving collected water quality.

This project functions as the input subsystem in order to equip the system with a sensing capability—the structure will be aware of when it is raining. Once a threshold is surpassed, a virtual and physical model is actuated.

Research paper after the break.

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Retrofitting the city

A CG animation made as a joint project with Newcastle City Council, United Kingdom.

Following an initial team effort, a joint project was propose to stir public engagement in climate change policies. The discourse is targeted to the life style improvements deriving from insulation. Three clips are to be presented, each one of them considering aspects of how insulation means comfort whilst preserving an architectural uniqueness of the chosen spot.

Featured video considers technical aspects regarding insulation process, whilst giving subtle messages on improvement of quality of life.

You can find a formal analysis followed by conceptual storyboard after the break.

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