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Deployable structure—input subsystem

Following an initial group effort, an actuated system was defined to be embeded in a rain harvesting system. As water collection is dependent upon the quality of runoff surface, the system would incorporate a mechanism to only open in the presence of rain. When closed, the structure would insulate catchment surface, this improving collected water quality.

This project functions as the input subsystem in order to equip the system with a sensing capability—the structure will be aware of when it is raining. Once a threshold is surpassed, a virtual and physical model is actuated.

Research paper after the break.

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1. Continuity, Obsession and Memory

Aldo Rossi is considered a key figure in the conceptual legacy’s construction of modern architecture. However, this works is difficult to interpret as its conceptual facet is quite stronger than his aesthetics.

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2. Social impact of urban policies in Xochimilco

This research is aimed at producing a theoretical foundation for the architectural proposal on a Plant’s market in Xochimilco. Being one of the last rural poles in Mexico City, Xochimilco has been deeply transformed by the means of its conflictive relationship with urban districts. However, economical tradition is kept by the bulk of its original inhabitants based on agricultural production in Chinampas, a sort of pre-hispanic artificial island, and commercialisation across water canals. Therefore the market’s design aims at the social relationship of production and the agricultural storage’s technical requirements.

3. Third international monument

Socialism aesthetics as related to structural schemes
Co-authored with Carolina Figueroa

Russian constructivism is nowadays one of the strongest aesthetical reference: from Rock band cover artworks to foundations on Zaha Hadid architectural production. What is remarkable on russian constructivism is the focus not only in the architectural space, but in the profound, symbiotic relationship between infrastructure and superstructure in society. Continue Reading →

4. Progressive architecture

Winner on contest for `From the Inside´ lecture
Co-authored with Carolina Figueroa

Architectural work employing computational process through biological theories has been a fertile source of debate in contemporary architectural theory. Continue Reading →

5. Abstraction as rupture with eclecticism

Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Considered as one of the greatest American architects, Frank Lloyd Wright is strongly identified by its intertwined configuration of masses in an almost baroque expressionist style. Continue Reading →

6. Underwater architecture

Winner on contest for technological research proposal

The character and effectiveness of successful contemporary architecture depends on how well it is adapting on new and changeling circumstances, and how this quality is made vividly engaging in the quality of its aesthetics. Continue Reading →