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Designer or algorithm?

I have been invited to participate on ArchaID, a blog specialising on space interaction design and broader topics stemming from digital architecture. In my first post, I make an analysis on the topic of originality when considered in a computer aided perspective of design. Please read it in full here

In the featured image, me beautifully captured in a point cloud using a combination of depth and greyscale images.

We architects—the outsiders—

My last post on ArchaID. A little exploration on how Nietzsche framed architecture in the context of space and power. You may find the full text here

Fervor latinoamericano

Resulta pues que cuando uno – o cualquiera – se decide a escribir, debe estar listo para comenzar su propia teoría de la vida, o por lo menos para verter una verdad trascendental. Recuerdo, no sin cierta nostalgia, a mi maestra de literatura diciendo que el escritor debe tener cierto compromiso con su sociedad y con su tiempo. Continue Reading →